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Events & Classes

Our objective is to develop a love for LIVE Music & Art at a very young age. Ultimately, we hope to inspire that passion in every child!

Music Classes

Length: 45 Minutes

Price: $210 for (6 week session)


Each Music class is led by an enthusiastic music teacher who sings and plays instruments of the orchestra. Our music classes will always have a LIVE piano accompanist.   Using a variety of orchestral instruments, singing popular tunes, standards,  and nursery rhymes, children will develop a large song repertoire. They will have a chance to listen to real LIVE instruments such as the violin, guitar and cello, flute or trumpet, just to name a few!

Click links below to get a detailed description of each class:

* Are You Ready for Music, Baby?

* Meet The Instruments I, II

* Mini Mozarts

* Sing it Baby!

* Music Through the Ages

Art Classes

Length:45 min, 1 hour, 1 hour 15 min

Price for 45 min- 1 hour class: $150 - $180 (6 week session)

Price for 1 hour 15 min class: $198 (6 week session)


More descriptions to come, but check out some of out Art Class Titles below:

* Pre-School Picasso's (45 min)

* Playing with Picasso!

* Monet & Me!

* Art A-Z! Art Through the Ages: Romanticism -Rock n Roll!

* Sketch it! (45 min)

Music & Art Combo Classes

Length: 1 hour, 1.5 hours

Price for 1 hour 15 min M&A Class: $210 (6 week session)


At Mozart to Monet, in ​our Music & Art Combonation Classes, We want children to feel that music and art go hand in hand. Artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet, Mozart, J.S. Bach and Vivaldi are among the greatest artists, and composers the world has ever known.  After taking a Mozart to Monet Music & Art Session, your children will be able to recognize the famous works of so many great Artists & composers!  They may hear a beautiful Mozart Sonata, for example played LIVE on our piano, while painting their own version of  "Starry Night"! we want to fully immerse our children in all the arts have to offer. On occasion we will invite accomplished Artists to come visit a class, and talk to, or play for the kids...

it's quite inspiring!

Click links below to get a detailed description of each class:​

* Make-beleive, Masterpiece & Melodies (1 hour 15 min)

* Mozart to Monet (1 hour 15 min)

* Messy Art & Music (1 hour)​

Summer Camp:

Monet’s CultureKIDS Club CAMP!

School ends June 21 this year!!

Looking for a week of FUN, Culture, Live Music & Art
Let’s go on a Musical Art Experience, right here in River Vale & Westwood!!!  

kids grades 2nd-6th.

Price includes:

  • 2 Art Projects daily, Snack, Live Music, Culture, Lunch* (*am session only), & Lots of CREATIVE FUN!!



Week 1: 5days 9:30-2:00pm, Price: $425

Week 2: 5 days, 9:30-12:30, price $320

Week 1: June 24-28 (Mon- Fri)
River Vale Community Center: 628 River Vale Rd

Mozart to Monet Kids Culture Club!

Age: K -7th grade

5 days, 9:30-2:00 $425/week

Week 2: July 29-Aug 2 (Mon- Fri)

Mindy's Munchies: 215 River Vale Road, River Vale NJ


Age: K - 7th grade

5 days, 9:30-12:30 $320/week

Click below for printable Camp Itinerary & Registration:

Week #1 June 24

RiverVale Community Center



Week #2 July 28:

Mindy's Munchies






Mindy's Munchies Location

So whats it Like at Monet's CultureKIDS Club Camp?

here's a video clip from Last Year 2016 , courtesy KC FILMS!!!

we are #6 under "My Portfolio"

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