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Mozart to Monet's goal is to create a spark and inspire your child to develop a love for Music and Art at a very early age. Introducing children to the great composers and artists through a fun, kid-friendly environment that allows for hands on experience combining visual art and live music. Believing that preschool-age kids benefit from early exposure to the arts, a mother of two little girls, Louise Buzzelli, decided after many years of searching for the “right” music and art class for her daughters, that it was time to open one up in New Jersey.
“I had been to so many “arts-n-crafts” classes, and “music” classes for kids. I never found what I was looking for. Most classes I visited would consist of a CD player of pre-recorded nursery rhymes, a bag of colorful scarves, and some tambourines. To me, that was NOT a music class. I wanted my daughters to hear a real piano play, I wanted them to experience the sweet sound of a violin, and the emotion it can bring out inside. Little ears should hear the beautiful colors of sound from the orchestral instruments, and yet, this type of class for little kids was no where to be found in Northern NJ”.
Louise, having a love for music herself at an early age, had graduated from LaGuardia High School of Music and the Arts, NYC, then went on to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massuchetts, had never thought opening up a place where toddlers and pre-schoolers could be inspired to love Music and Art would be such a big part of her life, but it is now.

The arts enrich our world. Imagine never hearing your favorite song on the radio, or teaching your children the colors of the rainbow. Our objective is to develop a love for Music and Art at a very young age. Ultimately, we hope to inspire that passion in every child.

– In addition to Music Classes, Mozart to Monet offers Art classes, Storytime Music & Art, and specialty Mozart to Monet combination classes that will combine Music & Art together.  On this venture, Louise would like to spread the passion the Arts have inspired in her.

Mozart to Monet…a musical art experience for kids!


Embracing the Arts!

one child at a time!


"can't tell you how much fun this has been to watch you create this wonderful program. There's no way you can fail at anything, not when you put so much of your heart into everything you do. And how lucky my kids have been to be able to participate in something so inspiring. Congratulations!"

Sandy Sohl


Events & Workshops

Field Trip to the MoMA


After completing our Mozart to Monet Class this past Fall, both parents & children were invited on a special Field Trip to visit the Museum of Modern Art in NYC! The children were so excited to recognize the Famous Artists we covered in class as they got to see "the real thing!" ..."look at Picasso's painting mom!" one little girl so happy to show her mom Picasso!

Mozart to Monet, not just for kids!


a snip-it of our "Adult Paint & Piano" Class!

a really great way to be creative, have fun with friends, and enjoy an evening painting and listening to LIVE Piano music!


More Adult events to come in 2015!

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