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Mozart to Monet Media

John Lithgow Signs Childrens Book at Bookends

Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo


October 23rd at Bookends- Actor & New York Times Bestselling Authior,John Lithgow signs his new Children's book: Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo

Click link for for photo coverage of this event!

Macaroni Kid Spotlight Mother's Day Story

Macaroni Mom Spotlight: Louise Buzzelli


Overcoming Tragedy Through Music And Visual Art
"Every day is a gift, and I try to live my life that way."  Louise Buzzelli

Music and art have been integral to Louise Buzzelli's life.  At the tender age of three, she would sing Shirley Temple songs for her mother.  Her mother would record her so her father could hear her singing when he came home from work.  Louise's mother encouraged and nurtured her passion for the arts, frequently taking Louise to Manhattan to an art museum, a Broadway play or the symphony.  To pursue her passion ... below to read full story

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